Affidavit of Loss of GSIS Policy

Affidavit of loss is a written statement prepared to notify an institution or another authority about the loss of an original document in order to obtain a replacement. Below is a sample affidavit of loss of GSIS Policy.

Republic of the Philippines)
City of Makati                       ) S.S.


I, MARIA C. DELA CRUZ, of legal age, married, Filipino citizen, and a resident of 3333 Hormiga Street, Valenzuela, Makati City, after being duly sworn to in accordance with law, depose and state that:

(1) I am a government employee and a member of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS);

(2) Being a member of the GSIS, I was issued a GSIS Policy Contract under CM-473173;

(3) I used to keep the said Policy Contract in our home;

(4) Recently, I search for the said Policy Contract because my policy already matured but I could no longer find the same;

(5) Said document must have been lost when I transferred residence from Paco, Manila to Poblacion, Makati City;

(6) Despite diligent search and effort to locate the said Policy Contract, the same could not be found such that I now consider it lost beyond recovery;

(7) As such, I am executing this Affidavit of Loss to attest to the foregoing and for any legal purpose it may serve.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this 8th day of June 2018 in Makati City.


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this 8th day of June 2018 in the City of Makati, Philippines, affiant exhibited to me her Unified Multi-Purpose ID CRN-111-222-3333-1 as valid proof of identity.

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Series of 2018.