SSS Downloadable Forms

Social Security System (SSS)

Registration and Membership (PDF Format)

  • SSS Form E-1 : Personal Record
  • SSS Form E-4 : Member's Data Change Request
  • SSS Form E-6 : Application for Social Security ID
  • SSS Form NW-1 : Non-Working Spouse Record
  • SSS Form RS-1 : Self-employed Data Record
  • SSS Form R-1 : Employer Registration
  • SSS Form R-1A : Employer Report
  • SSS Form Bmbr-119 : Auto-Debit Arrangement Enrollment Form
  • SSS Form Bmbr-119a : Auto-Debit Arrangement Enrollment Form
  • SSS Form ACOP A : Annual Confirmation of Pensioner's Form (Pensioner's Reply)


  • SSS Form R-3 : Contribution Collection List
  • SSS Form R-5 : Employer Contributions Payment Return
  • SSS Form RS-5 : Contributions Payment Return for Self-Employed & Voluntary Members

Member Loans


Benefit Applications

EC Claim for Temporary Total Disability or Sickness Benefit

  • EC Form B-300 
  • EC Form B-301 : EC Medical Reimbursement Benefit Application
  • EC Form B-304 : Sickness Benefit Reimbursement Application
  • EC Form B-309 : EC Accident/Sickness Report

Claim for Funeral Benefit

Claim for Sickness Benefit

  • SSS Form CLD-9N : Sickness Notification
  • SSS Form B-304 : Sickness Benefit Reimbursement Application
  • SSS Form CLD-9A : Sickness Benefit Application Form
  • SSS Form MMD-102: Medical Certificate

Claim for Retirement Benefit

Claim for Death Benefit

Claim for Maternity Benefit

Flexi-fund for Overseas Filipino Workers

  • SSS Form OW-1 : SSS Flexi-Fund for Overseas Filipino Workers
  • SSS Form DDR-2 : Death, Disability, Retirement and Early Withdrawal Claim

P.E.S.O. Fund Program

Supplementary Forms

  • Specimen Signature Card
  • Sinumpaang Salaysay

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