SSS Form E-1: Personal Record

The SSS E1 Form (or E-1 Form) is the form needed to be accomplished to obtain an SSS number. Obtaining an SSS number is basically the first step to become an SSS member. The E-1 Form contains the personal records of an SSS registrant. 

Nowadays, this form is no longer necessary as you can register through SSS's online facility. Just go to SSS website, scroll down and look for the post that says "APPLY FOR AN SS NUMBER ONLINE," click the link and follow the prompt that will take you to the registration form. Follow the succeeding instructions until you will be able to generate a temporary SS number. The number will become permanent after you have submitted the required documents to an SSS branch. Also present the printed copies of your SSS number slip and personal record form. Please note that the temporary SSS number never expires. Once you are issued this number, you should never apply for another one. 

You may also go directly to any SSS branch and apply personally. You can get an E-1 Form there but if you want to save time, you can download the form below and accomplish two copies in advance. Submit the duly accomplished form as well as the required documents stated in page 2. The staff will give you a copy of E-1 form with your SSS number written at the upper right corner. Keep this form for your future reference.



1. Fill out this form and submit to the nearest SSS branch office together with the required documents.

2. Fill out the applicable portions as follows:

Parts I-A, B and D, if applying for SS number as pre-employment requirement
Parts I-A, B, C and D, if applying for Self-Employed, Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) or Non-Working Spouse membership

For Part I-B "DEPENDENT(S)/BENEFICIARY/IES", use "Additional Sheet for Dependent(s)/Beneficiary/(ies)", if necessary.

3. Always indicate "N/A" or "Not Applicable", if the required data is not applicable.

4. If this form is to be downloaded from the internet, please fill-out in two (2) copies.


1. New registrant who is over sixty (60) years old and not a surviving spouse pensioner/guardian of a pensioner, is not qualified to apply for an SS number.

2. Your SS number is your lifetime number. You should not have more than one SS number.

3. The following required documents should be the original or certified true copy issued by the City or Municipal Civil Registrar or Philippine Statistics Authority/National Statistics Office:
3.1 Birth Certificate
3.2 Marriage Contract/Marriage Certificate
3.3 Death Certificate

4. All identification (ID) cards and/or documents with English translation issued by foreign government are acceptable.