Report of Marriage (Fill-able PDF)

Need a Report of Marriage Form? Enter information as needed in the Fill-able PDF form below and then print out the form with the entries typed-in. Please note that, although you can save the blank form, the content cannot be saved if you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader. You need to print out the form after filling it in.

Important Instructions in Filling Up the Report of Marriage Form

  1. For the field of Wife’s Last Name, please write the wife’s maiden Last Name (or her Last Name before the marriage)

  2. Please leave the Date of Report and ID# fields blank. The Embassy will fill up this part.

  3. For all fields requiring dates, please use the dd-MMM-yyyy format (e.g. 23-FEB-2012, 1-NOV-1984).

  4. Please do not forget to affix by hand the signatures in the fields provided for Signature of Husband and Signature of Wife and the date and place of signature at the bottom of the form.

  5. If filling the form by hand, please write legibly and please use BLOCK CAPITAL letters.

Marriages of Filipino citizens abroad must be reported and duly registered. The Philippine Embassies register marriages of Filipino citizens abroad. The Embassies will forward one copy of the Report of Marriage to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in the Philippines. PSA-certified Marriage Certificate can be retrieved within three to four months after reporting the marriage at the Embassies.

Source: https://www.philembassy.no