Affidavit of Low Income Sample

Republic of the Philippines          )
Province of Camarines Sur          ) SS.
Municipality of Goa                         ) 
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We, Spouses DONGDONG A. DANTES and MARIAN B. RIBERA, both of legal age, Filipino citizens and residents of Brgy. Gimaga, Goa, Camarines Sur, Philippines, after having been duly sworn to in accordance with law hereby depose and state THAT:

1.  We are the legitimate parents of DINGDING R. DANTES, a high school graduate who is applying for a CHED Scholarship Program;

2.   As seasonal farmer and housekeeper, respectively, we are low income earners;

3.  Our annual income of FIFTY FIVE THOUSAND PESOS (P55,000.00) is so meager and only enough to cover our daily needs;  

4.  We executed this affidavit to attest to the veracity of the above and in support to our son's application for a scholarship program.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto affixed our signatures this ____day of ____________ 2015 at ____________, Philippines.

DONGDONG A. DANTES                                 MARIAN B. RIBERA
      Affiant                                                  Affiant

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO before me this ___ day of _______ at _______________ affiants exhibited to me their SSS Identification Card Nos. 1234 and 4567 issued on March 6, 2012 and April 8, 2012, respectively, in Goa, Camarines Sur.

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