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    Certificate of Employment Sample


    This is to certify that according to the records of this Company, __________________ who has been in the company since ____________________ is presently occupying the position of _________________ under permanent status in ______________ with the following monthly compensation broken down as follows:

                  Basic Monthly Salary           Php  _________
                  P E R A                              Php _________

                  Total                                 Php _________

          Further, she received the following additional remuneration during the twelve month period ending December 31, ____, to wit:

                  13th Month Pay                     Php  _________
          Additional compensation         Php  _________

                  Total                                  Php _________

    This certification is being issued upon the request of __________________ for whatever legal purpose it may serve.

              ______________ (date)

    Signature over Printed Name
         Company Name

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