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    Letter of Withdrawal of Cash Bond Sample

    Pursuant to Sections 11 and 12 of Presidential Decree No. 957
    as implemented by Board Resolution No. 922, Series of 2014

    The Regional Officer
    ____________ Regional Field Office
    Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board
    RFO Address

    This is to request withdrawal of the cash bond posted by the undersigned/name of registered business firm under Official Receipt No. ______________ dated ____________ in the amount of __________________________ ( Php__________ ). The withdrawal of the cash bond is being requested by reason of:

            [   ] Substitution thereof with the attached surety bond 
                   or other acceptable security; or
            [   ] Cessation from the practice of real estate service

    Printed Name and Signature of Registrant
    or Authorized Representative of Business Firm


    Name and Address of Business Firm

    HLURB Registration Number

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