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    Basic Template of a Contract or Agreement



    This [type of contract/agreement], made and entered into this ____ day of [Month], [Year] in __________, Philippines, by and between:

            [Name of Corporation], a corporation duly organized and existing under Philippine law with office address at _____________________ hereinafter referred to as the [indicate a label for the First Party for easy identification, example “VENDOR” represented by its [Representative’s Position], [Representative’s Name];

    - AND -

            (NAME), Filipino and with residence and postal address at (Address), hereinafter referred to as the LESSEE. /married to (Name of spouse if any),   Filipino, and with residence and postal address at (Address), hereinafter referred to as the LESSOR.


    WHEREAS, [the WHEREAS clauses contain the object and consideration/s of the contract/agreement]

    NOW THEREFORE, [the THEREFORE clause contain the consent of both parties]

    TERMS AND CONDITIONS: [of the contract/agreement]

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, parties herein affixed their signatures on the date and place above written.

                        _________________________                              _________________________
                       [Name of Corporate Representative]                             Name of Second Party
                                  [Name of Corporation]                                                      [Label]

    With marital consent: [When Necessary]

    Spouse’s Name

    Signed in the presence of:

                   _____________________________                  ______________________________
                                      [Witness 1]                                                                 [Witness 2]



    Republic of the Philippines)
    City of ______                  ) S.S.

    BEFORE ME, a Notary Public, for and in the City of ________, this _____ day of ________  2013 personally appeared:

                             Name                       Identification Card        Issued On/At

                 _______________                    ___________         ___________         
                 _______________                    ___________         ___________           
        all known to me to be the same persons who executed the foregoing instrument and hereby acknowledged to me that the same is their free and voluntary act and deed.

          This instrument consisting of ____ pages, including this page on which this acknowledgment is written refers to a [type of contract/agreement] and has been signed by the parties and their witnesses and sealed with my notarial seal.


    Doc. No. ____
    Page No. ____
    Book No. ____
    Series of 2013.

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